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Welcome to MehrBanoo Catering

Welcome to MehrBanoo Catering

Try some of our home made dishes made from fresh ingredients or some of our refreshing salads.

Salads and Starters

$13.00/ Serving

Salad Shirazi

A colorful taste of Shiraz; Persian cucumber, tomato and onion

$140 (Serves 10)

Seasonal Fruit Green Salad

Mixed greens, fruits of the season and nuts, with house vinaigrette dressing

$11.00/ Each

Fully Loaded Iceberg Salad

Topped with our homemade Thousand Island dressing

$130 (Serves 10)

Jeweled Kale salad

Red Onion, avocado and juicy pomegranate seeds

$22.00/ lbs

Quinoa salad

Pomegranate, cucumber, avocado and scallion

$12.00/ Serving


Refreshing yogurt and cucumber dip, garnished with rose petal powder

$360.00 (Serves 30)

Cheese Platter

Combination of five cheese, crackers, nuts, fresh fruit and jam

$13.00/ lbs

Olivier Salad

Chicken, potato, eggs, Sweet peas, mayo

$28.00/ lbs

Shrimp Ceviche

Avocado, tomato, onion, parsley

$15.00/ Serving

Kashko Bademjan


Kookoo Sabzi

With walnuts and barberries



(Serves 10 Guests) $130

Sabzi Khordan

Includes fresh sabzi khordan, walnuts and Feta cheese

$120 (Serves 10)

Romaine Salad

(Serves 30 Guests) $120

Assorted Bread

$ 380.00 (Serves 30)

Antipasto Platter

Includes chunks of salami, mortadella, turkey breast, sausage,...

$480 (Serve 30)

Charcuterie Board

Cheese, Coldcuts, Fresh and dried fruit, Olive, Pickles, Cracker

Bite Sized Appetizers


Yogurt Bites

Layer of yogurt topped with cucumber, walnut and fresh mint, bedded on bite-sized bread


Smoked Salmon Bites

On bread with cream cheese, scallion


Cucumber Roll

Delicately rolled cucumber slices, containing yogurt, topped with rose petal powder & walnuts


Chili Lime Shrimp Cups

Filled with our special sauce


Tomato Mozzarella Bites

On toasted buttery pesto baguette, drizzled with pomegranate glaze

$6.00/ Each

Bacon-Wrapped Peach

Balsamic glaze


Pomegranate Cheese Ball

Goat cheese, fresh tarragon and walnuts


Stuffed Mushroom

Ground beef & melted cheese

$30.00/ lbs (minimum 3lb)

Dolmeh Barg

$4.50 / Each

Kookoo Sabzi Bites

$4.50/ Each

Noon Paneer Sabzi Bites

Feta cheese and fresh herbs (terragon & basil) delicately...

$5.00/ Each

Kashko Bademjoon Cups

$5.00 / Each

Mini Salad Olivieh

$3.75 / Each

Pomegranate Meatballs

$4.50 / Each

Prosciutto bites

Main dishes

$11.00/ Each

Tahchin (Chicken or vegetarian)

Traditional: Chicken & barberry
Vegetarian: Eggplant with caramelized onion , or mushroom & spinach

$170 / 6-7 Servings

Roast Beef

With colorful vegtables

$165.00/ 8-9 Servings

Meat Loaf Decorated with Vegetables

$29.00/ Serving

Beef Stroganoff

Topped with crispy potato chips

$10.00/ Each


Large traditional meatball, barberries

$14.00/ Each

Naz Khatoon

Meat-stuffed eggplant

$27.00/ Serving

Zereshk Polo

With Shredded Chicken Breast

$29.00/ Serving

Morasa Polo

With Chicken

$31.00/ Serving

Baghali Polo

With Lamb shank

$29.00/ Serving

Albaloo Polo

With Meatballs

$28.00/ Serving


Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice

$29.00/ Serving

Shirin Polo

With Chicken

$27.00/ Serving

Khoreshte Ghormeh Sabzi

Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice

$32.00/ Serving

Sabzi Polo Mahi

With white fish


Special Whole Salmon

Walnuts and pomegranate paste

$28.00/ Serving

Khoreshte Rivas

Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice

$29.00/ Serving

Beef Tongue

Served in our special mushroom sauce

$11.00/ Each

Personal Baghali Polo

Individual servings of baghali polo with crispy bread tahdig

$12.00/ Each

Personal Lasagna

Persian-style lasagna


Khoreshte Anarbij

Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice


Khoreshte Bademjan

Eggplant, Beef or chicken, Tomato, Sour grape

$27.00/ Serving

Khoreshte Gheymeh

Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice

$27.00/ Serving

Khoreshte Karafs

Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice

$26.00/ Serving


With Beef

$27.00/ Serving


With Ground Beef

$29.00/ Serving

Polo Tarefarangi with Lamb (Leek Rice)


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