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Welcome to MehrBanoo Catering

Welcome to MehrBanoo Catering

Try some of our home made dishes made from fresh ingredients or some of our refreshing salads.

Salads and Starters

$13.00/ Serving

Salad Shirazi

A colorful taste of Shiraz; Persian cucumber, tomato and onion

$140 (Serves 10)

Seasonal Fruit Green Salad

Mixed greens, fruits of the season and nuts, with house vinaigrette dressing

$11.00/ Each

Fully Loaded Iceberg Salad

Topped with our homemade Thousand Island dressing

$130 (Serves 10)

Jeweled Kale salad

Red Onion, avocado and juicy pomegranate seeds

$22.00/ lbs

Quinoa salad

Pomegranate, cucumber, avocado and scallion

$13.00/ Serving


Refreshing yogurt and cucumber dip, garnished with rose petal powder

$360.00 (Serves 30)

Cheese Platter

Combination of five cheese, crackers, nuts, fresh fruit and jam

$14.00/ lbs

Olivier Salad

Chicken, potato, eggs, Sweet peas, mayo

$28.00/ lbs

Shrimp Ceviche

Avocado, tomato, onion, parsley

$15.00/ Serving

Kashko Bademjan


Kookoo Sabzi

With walnuts and barberries



(Serves 10 Guests) $130

Sabzi Khordan

Includes fresh sabzi khordan, walnuts and Feta cheese

$120 (Serves 10)

Romaine Salad

(Serves 30 Guests) $120

Assorted Bread

$ 380.00 (Serves 30)

Antipasto Platter

Includes chunks of salami, mortadella, turkey breast, sausage,...

$480 (Serve 30)

Charcuterie Board

Cheese, Coldcuts, Fresh and dried fruit, Olive, Pickles, Cracker

$10.00 / serving


Beautiful yogurt and beetroot dip

Bite Sized Appetizers


Yogurt Bites

Layer of yogurt topped with cucumber, walnut and fresh mint, bedded on bite-sized bread


Smoked Salmon Bites

On bread with cream cheese, scallion


Cucumber Roll

Delicately rolled cucumber slices, containing yogurt, topped with rose petal powder & walnuts


Chili Lime Shrimp Cups

Filled with our special sauce


Tomato Mozzarella Bites

On toasted buttery pesto baguette, drizzled with pomegranate glaze

$6.00/ Each

Bacon-Wrapped Peach

Balsamic glaze


Pomegranate Cheese Ball

Goat cheese, fresh tarragon and walnuts


Stuffed Mushroom

Ground beef & melted cheese

$30.00/ lbs (minimum 3lb)

Dolmeh Barg

$4.50 / Each

Kookoo Sabzi Bites

$4.50/ Each

Noon Paneer Sabzi Bites

Feta cheese and fresh herbs (terragon & basil) delicately...

$5.00/ Each

Kashko Bademjoon Cups

$5.00 / Each

Mini Salad Olivieh

$3.75 / Each

Pomegranate Meatballs

$4.50 / Each

Prosciutto bites

Main dishes

$11.00/ Each

Tahchin (Chicken or vegetarian)

Traditional: Chicken & barberry
Vegetarian: Eggplant with caramelized onion , or mushroom & spinach

$170 / 6-7 Servings

Roast Beef

With colorful vegtables

$165.00/ 8-9 Servings

Meat Loaf Decorated with Vegetables

$29.00/ Serving

Beef Stroganoff

Topped with crispy potato chips

$10.00/ Each


Large traditional meatball, barberries

$14.00/ Each

Naz Khatoon

Meat-stuffed eggplant

$27.00/ Serving

Zereshk Polo

With Shredded Chicken Breast

$29.00/ Serving

Morasa Polo

With Chicken

$32.00/ Serving

Baghali Polo

With Lamb shank

$29.00/ Serving

Albaloo Polo

With Meatballs

$29.00/ Serving


Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice

$30.00/ Serving

Shirin Polo

With Chicken

$28.00/ Serving

Khoreshte Ghormeh Sabzi

Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice

$32.00/ Serving

Sabzi Polo Mahi

With white fish


Special Whole Salmon

Walnuts and pomegranate paste

$29.00/ Serving

Khoreshte Rivas

Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice

$30.00/ Serving

Beef Tongue

Served in our special mushroom sauce

$11.00/ Each

Personal Baghali Polo

Individual servings of baghali polo with crispy bread tahdig

$12.00/ Each

Personal Lasagna

Persian-style lasagna


Khoreshte Anarbij

Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice


Khoreshte Bademjan

Eggplant, Beef or chicken, Tomato, Sour grape

$28.00/ Serving

Khoreshte Gheymeh

Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice

$28.00/ Serving

Khoreshte Karafs

Includes white rice, topped with saffron rice

$27.00/ Serving

Kalam polo

With Beef

$27.00/ Serving


With Ground Beef

$29.00/ Serving

Polo Tarefarangi with Lamb (Leek Rice)

$30.00/ Serving

Root beet rice (labo polo)

With Orange chicken and pistachio

$31.00/ Serving

Pomegranate Rice (Anar polo)

With shredded chicken and pistachio
(seasonal dish)


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